The Magnificent Fresh Water Mystery!
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Optimizing water supply in urban water systems worldwide

Saving water, money and energy

Partnering with utilities to design & implement a comprehensive, technology-based solution

Designing flexible financial models

Bahamians Have Consistent Water

In just the first year of a 10-year comprehensive efficiency project, the Bahamas has achieved consistent water supply, dozens of new jobs for Bahamians, a new service line with updated corrosion-resistant valves and a pilot water efficiency education program.

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Miya Wins Prestigious IWA Award

Miya received the International Water Association (IWA) Project Innovation Award, Asia Pacific Region, for significantly improving the urban water system efficiency in Manila. The project added 2.6 million residents to the system, reduced water losses by half and created over 400 jobs for local Filipinos.

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50% NRW reduction in Itapevi, Brazil

BBL, a Miya Group company, teamed up with SABESP to achieve a 50% reduction in Itapevi's NRW levels over a period of 15 months.

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