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Miya™ team comprises some of the world's most renowned experts, including prominent members of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group. We specialize in tailoring the most effective solutions for some of the world's complex challenges of water efficiency.
John Dixon
Non Revenue Water Management Specialist

Industry Leadership

Member of the International Water Association (IWA)


Experience in the Water Industry

25 Years


Areas of Specialisation

NRW Analysis, DMA establishment, Practical NRW reduction and NRW management. Sustaining NRW reduction levels and personnel training.



HNC (Building) Newcastle Polytechnic, UK. 1977



In 1987, John began specializing in the implementation of NRW reduction contracts. His first assignment was in Doha, Qatar and since then he has worked predominantly within The Middle East and Asia.
He has been involved in a number of large NRW contracts including The Doha Water Loss Control Project (Qatar 1987-1994, 1996-1998), Kafr El Sheikh NRW Reduction Project (Egypt 1999-2000), Selangor State NRW Reduction Project (Malaysia 2003-2005) and West Manila NRW Reduction Project (Philippines 2009-to date).
John has also worked on a number of smaller projects and feasibility studies in both urban and rural locations as well as training numerous locally staffed teams in practical NRW reduction procedures and data analysis.