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Willem Wegelin
Director, Water Demand Manager, WRP

Industry Leadership

Member of ECSA (20040109), MSAICE, AMWISA, IWA.
Advises most of the municipalities in South Africa on water demand management related aspects.


Experience in the Water Industry

13 years


Areas of Specialization

Water demand management and design.



BEng (Civil Engineering), Univ. of Pretoria, (1995)
BEng (Hons)(Water Resources Engineering), Univ. of Pretoria (1998)



Willem is a registered professional engineer and is well known as one of the leading water demand management specialists in South Africa. He has been project manager for some of the largest and most successful water demand management projects in South Africa that has received numerous awards. His fields of expertise include collection and collation of data, pressure management, bulk and consumer metering, revenue enhancement, logging, analysis of logging results, pressure controllers, set-up of monitoring systems, operations and maintenance of distribution networks. He also has extensive experience in strategic planning of water services, geographic information systems, cost analysis, status quo assessments, hydraulic network analysis, design and tender documentation, contract supervision, project administration and management.

Willem has prepared and presented numerous training courses and papers on water demand management related subjects including pressure management, logging and interpretation of logging results, night flow analysis and pressure controllers.