Arison Investments operates worldwide to provide values-based responses to basic universal needs of large populations, viewing global challenges as opportunities for business innovation.
Founders and Directors

Shari Arison

Owner, Arison Group & Founder of Miya


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Efrat Peled

Chairman, Arison Investments


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Arison Investments


Arison Investments spearheads values-based business activity worldwide. It creates long-term business investments that combine substantial financial results with sustainable moral responsibility. Its diversified portfolio is estimated at over US$2.5 billion, in finance, real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy, water, and salt, in more than 40 countries across five continents, with some 27,000 employees. It is the controlling shareholder of the pillars of the Israeli economy, including Bank Hapoalim, Shikun & Binui, and Salt of the Earth.


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As of December 2012, Arison Investments manages an investment portfolio in excess of $2.5 billion, which includes a controlling stake in the following leading Israeli companies:




Finances: Bank Hapoalim


Israel's leading financial group, in which Arison Investments holds a controlling stake. It offers diverse services, ranging from basic banking to complex financing of large scale projects. Read more here.



Real Estate and Infrastructure: Shikun & Binui


Leader in eco-infrastructure and green living environments, in which Arison Investments also holds a controlling stake. It is Israel's largest infrastructure and real estate company, operating in 20 countries worldwide. Read more here.

Industry: Salt of the Earth


Israel's main salt manufacturer, privately owned by Arison Investments, focusing on industry and salt. It engages in sustainable activities intended to preserve a balance between the industry and the environment. Read more here.

Water: Miya


Global provider of urban water efficiency solutions, privately owned by Arison Investments. It offers a comprehensive approach for efficient management of our world's existing fresh water resources. Read more here.