Water efficiency Projects – water loss reduction

In the field of water efficiency Miya has executed over 150 projects in Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America and South America.
Miya’s comprehensive solutions are tailored to the water utilities budget, needs, and priorities.
Miya partners with utilities to optimize the efficiency of urban water networks and to significantly reduce both physical and commercial losses, the two main components of NRW Miya’s contracts typically last 5-10y and include the following features:
  • Paid over the lifetime of the contract
  • A mix of fixed and performance based fees (up to 30% of the total contract)
  • Operational flexibility
  • Result oriented approach 
MIYA's project experience 

Miya holds the largest accumulated knowhow in NRW projects globally and its team includes prominent experts in the field. It also cooperates with leading technology and engineering consulting companies in the field of NRW management. 
Table 2 below provides information on most Miya projects, but the three most impressive projects are briefly described here:
  • In 2015, Miya signed a 5-year performance based co-management project with Jamaica’s National Water Commission (NWC), to maximize the efficiency of the water distribution system in Kingston and Saint Andrew (KSA). Targeted NRW is 30% (in 2015 NRW was around 60%), bringing daily savings of more than 70 million liters, ensuring adequate quantities are available and accessible for 600,000 people. 
As part of this project, Miya is committed to building professional NRW capacity within NWC. In addition, Miya will exert long-term added value by improving the NWC’s relationship with the public, reach out to the community with a program for efficient water-us to ensure the public’s positive and accepting perspective towards both water charges and conservation.
  • In 2012, Miya won a 10 year performance based turn-key contract with the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), with a contract value of at least USD 83 million. The project is aimed at maximizing efficiency of the New Providence water system, which serves the most populated island in the Bahamas, and reducing government subsidies for water. 
New Providence receives 90% of its water from desalination plants, almost 60% of which was NRW. Miya offered the local water utility a suite of water efficiency solutions and a phased water infrastructure improvement plan, to achieve a projected goal of saving 22 million liters of fresh water per day within five years. Within the first year of implementation, reliable 24/7 water supply was attained for all the island’s residents, which delayed the need to build a new desalination plant, and after only two more years Miya exceeded targets by successfully slashing NRW in half and saving 18 million liters every day.

Figure 1 shows the NRW target and progress made so far.

  • Between 2008 and 2014 Miya was responsible for design, advisory services and supervision of the world’s largest NRW management project for Maynilad, the private water utility which serves the western part of Metro Manila, Philippines.

Figure 2 shows the Miya’s contractual NRw targets and the actual NRW reduction achieved.

  • Up to 450 engineers worked full time on NRW reduction and impressive results were achieved:
    • NRW was reduced from 1,580 million liters per day to 650 million liters per day
    • This allowed Maynilad to connect additional 3 million people
    • Level of service has tremendously improved:
      • Average pressure increased from 4 to 19 m
      • Average supply time increased from 15 to 24 hours
    • 1,500 DMAs have been established
    • 1,500 km of pipelines have been replaced; and
    • 277,000 leaks have been repaired.

Table 1: Maynilad NRW Program Summary Data