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Optimizing efficiency of water utilities and urban distribution systems

Saving water, resources, and energy, while enhancing service levels for improved customer care

Partnering with utilities, to design and implement breakthrough technological solutions

Boosting utility's commercial capacity, through advanced management models

Miya purchases Indaqua, Portugal's largest private water operator

Miya purchased Portuguese water giant Indaqua, entering into a new mega-scale partnership that expands its offering into the water and wastewater segment. 

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Miya signs a water efficiency project estimated at $42.5M in Jamaica

The contract with the National Water Commission of Jamaica is designed to maximize efficiency of the water system in Kingston. Within five years, daily savings of more than 70 million liters of fresh water are expected, enough to supply water to additional 500,000 people.

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Miya in
The New York Times

An independent research journalist from the New York Times contacted Miya for expert interviews on urban water efficiency. He interviewed Miya experts and clients, with the end result of an in-depth article about water recovery, and Miya's leading role in this developing industry. 

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