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Efficient management maximizes the value chain of utilities. This optimized capacity creates a sustainable footprint, through effective water supply services and advanced wastewater solutions.
Water and Wastewater

Miya is engaged in efficiency driven utility management.

In 2016, Miya expanded its portfolio by acquiring a controlling shareholding in Indaqua, Portugal's leading private water and wastewater company.

Indaqua serves seven utilities in Portugal's north-west, covering an area of 1,000 square kilometers with a distribution network of more than 600,000 residents (holding 100% market share of these consumers). Additionally, Indaqua holds a stake in a municipal water company and owns Aqua level, which provides back-office and technical services for all its companies.

Miya applies its efficiency-driven practices to drastically improve Indaqua's operational and financial performance. 

Indaqua offers unparalleled strategic partnerships with financial groups, with expert know-how in diversified fields, holding immense market presence worldwide. Indaqua focuses on municipal concessions and PPPs, while catering to sustainability by optimized management of the water cycle, integration capture and eater treatment, transportation, and distribution, collection and wastewater treatment.

This marks Miya's immense potential for growth as a water operator. We seek to partner with additional assets such as Indaqua, through our bespoke operational models that advance concessions into new horizons of sustainability.