About us

MIYA is a world-leading efficiency-oriented water operator with vast experience and a full-range offer for water utilities including water efficiency, commercial management and water treatment

MIYA provides water efficiency schemes designing and implementing solutions that significantly improve clients' financial and operational efficiency, providing water and wastewater services across all five continents through various engagement models to more than 1.5 million people. 

The company has led some of the largest and most complicated turn-around projects in the field of water efficiency in other public and private utilities creating value to the organizations.  This prior work in dozens of water utilities and hundreds of projects around the world, employed:
(i) water utility operational excellence and execution experience,
(ii) innovation, best-of-class methodology and cutting-edge technologies,
(iii) financial modelling that ensures the most cost effective solution,
(iv) creative and flexible engagement models to create alignment with the key interests and priorities of all stakeholders.