Miya donates 150 computers to families affected by Covid-19

15 May 2020

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More than a hundred families, identified  by solidarity and local institutions in the communities of Vila do Conde, Trofa, Santo Tirso, Oliveira de Azeméis and São João da Madeira, will receive a laptop and a broadband flash drive that guarantees Internet access to aid in this atypical third trimester of remote learning. 

The new reality of remote learning is creating constraints for several families who do not currently have computer equipment or Internet access to follow classes from home. In a joint effort between Miya, through its subsidiary INDAQUA, and several city councils, laptops and mobile Internet access devices will be delivered to around 150 children and young people in need as of this week.

During the next few days, all the equipment will be delivered to the communities of Vila do Conde, Trofa, Santo Tirso, Oliveira de Azeméis and São João da Madeira, in an action coordinated by the respective local authorities. In addition to the broadband flash drive, which includes free Internet access for the next 3 months, a backpack will also be given.

According to Luis Lourenço, Head of Communications at INDAQUA: "This effort, which is part of the company's social responsibility plan, reinforced within the COVID-19 context, has been executed in record time and in close coordination with the local authorities  of each community. Among the needs identified were the lack of computer equipment, so we did not hesitate to guarantee this support to the students so they are able to complete the school year as normally as possible," 

Early on during the pandemic, INDAQUA has had a vigorous action plan in place to support municipalities and communities in the fight against the new coronavirus. Last month, for example, it started an operation to disinfect streets and public spaces in the communities of Santa Maria da Feira, Matosinhos, São João da Madeira and Vila do Conde.