MIYA Launches "Water Game" Initiative To Teach Children to Program Video Games With The Theme Of Water In Portugal

07 Oct 2021

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The inauguration of MIYA´s initiative, through its Portuguese subsidiary INDAQUA, took place on Portugal National Water Day (last 1 October). For a month, about 100 children from six towns will be learning the basics of programming a video game, inspired by the theme of water.

To complement the natural curiosity of youngsters about how the video games they know so well are made, INDAQUA has added the possibility of learning more about the importance of water resources. That’s how the "Water Game" came about; a set of programming workshops that will teach children to create their own game inspired by water and sustainability.

The "Water Game" kicked off on Portugal National Water Day (1 October). For the coming month, INDAQUA will take the initiative to the six towns where it provides the water supply and wastewater management (Matosinhos, Oliveira de Azeméis, Santa Maria da Feira, Santo Tirso, Trofa and Vila do Conde). Together with the schools of each town, around 100 students from the 3rd to the 6th year will have access to on-site and remote programming classes, and may also see their game published on an online platform.

Through the development of digital skills, such as basic animation and programming techniques, the "Water Game" will also encourage logical reasoning, concentration as well as creativity, where each participant will be responsible for creating the characters, story and scenarios of their game. The project culminates with a competition, launched to the participating schools, in which the best games will be awarded the prize of an advanced programming course.

The "Water Game" comprises part of the +Água Project, developed by MIYA with the support of the Portuguese Environmental Fund and the National Strategy for Environmental Education 2020.