Students turned experts: 5th graders compete on water conservation knowledge

06 Dec 2017

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The Bahamas -- The Oakes Field Primary School in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) held a special assembly on Tuesday, June 4 marking the closing of a Water Efficiency programme at the school.  
The Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald Minister of Education, Science and Technology told the students to remember to put everything they learned about water efficiency to use in their lives and to pass the information on to their siblings and parents.  

The Water and Sewerage Corporation with the support of The Bahamas Government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) signed a contract with Miya Bahamas to maximise the efficiency of The Bahamas' water system, said David Arison, Miya’s Director of Global Business Relations.

"Supplying high-quality reliable drinking water is always a major challenge, and as the population of The Bahamas grows, it has proven even more challenging,” Mr. Arison said. "The WSC-Miya partnership was not only limited to tackling issues in the water system, however, we decided to also initiate a water efficiency education programme for fifth grade students. The goal of the programme was to increase the Bahamian public’s awareness of water efficiency."

The students in the programme were taught about the importance of water to human existence and the value of using water efficiently to ensure the abundance of fresh water, which is Miya’s vision, said Mr. Arison. The programme also included the implementation of water conservation measures at the Oakes Field Primary School.  

He said toilets and faucets have been changed to more efficient ones, successfully reducing water consumption by 20 percent.

Miya and the WSC both believe that increasing awareness, understanding more about water and learning techniques to use water more efficiently are crucial elements of a successful and long-term water loss reduction programme in The Bahamas.