Carbon Footprint

What have we achieved so far?

The company has saved enough water to fill 617,210 Olympic-sized swimming pools allowing 365 days of water provided to over 42 million people.

And not least, MIYA has saved the equivalent of 1,398,696 hectares of trees. 

  • 1,500 million mof water saved

  • 0.85 million of tons of CO2 saved

Climate change action needs to be monitored and continuously increased to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and any subsequent ‘COP’ meetings. However, and since conception, MIYA has strived to deliver both low-carbon, best practices, technological approaches, and cost-saving solutions into our projects. 

Since the conception of MIYA and within the projects delivered by the MIYA group of companies, the volume of carbon saved from water efficiency projects equates to the volume of carbon created by a 737-plane flying around the world 650 times.

Climate Agreement and how it influences MIYA

The 2015 Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change, and it was incredible that nearly 200 countries around the world agreed to keep and engage in climate reduction process including carbon saving action plans. 
The implementation of the Paris Agreement at both company and country level requires both economic and social change and this ‘institutional’ change is part of the Miya concept when working at both company and project level. This change incorporates not only the way employees conduct their day-to-day business but also includes understanding the technological advances in the world and adopting these in all circumstances wherever possible.

MIYA strives to work on a continuous cycle of improvement which entails working on a 5-year cycle of increasingly ambitious goals and promoting these through the company from the top down.

How are we tracking progress?

Currently on all projects, MIYA calculates the carbon footprint of drinking water and measures the volumes of water produced and saved and has developed a robust and auditable data track to measure these. 
MIYA’s approach is to review the strategies and processes annually to ensure that they continue to be at the cutting edge of best practices, energy savings processes, technologies and procedures and ensuring these are incorporated into the projects delivered by the Miya group of companies.