Our Values

Leadership: Advancing our vision and responsibility in spreading our mission to reduce water waste. Leadership is conveyed in the goals and objectives which we set out for our company and our employees, in our innovation, creativity and corporate culture.

Integrity and Trustworthiness: Operating in a clear, consistent and open manner in accordance with our core values. We work to ensure that our core values and vision are consistent with our business objectives, while acting in complete transparency toward all of our stakeholders.

Excellence: Continuously striving to realize our innate potential. Excellence is achieved by setting a strategy and then operating professionally and precisely to achieve goals, while creating an environment that encourages learning, experimentation and calculated risk-taking, while striving for better performance.

Responsibility and Accountability: Analyzing our actions and taking responsibility for their outcomes. By accepting personal and professional responsibility, as opposed to challenging it and placing it on others, we can realize our goals.

Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of Miya’s success in that it encourages the transformation of ideas and available technologies into a new system of solutions that will create a better world. We work to challenge existing concepts and expand our knowledge in order to extend our value proposition.

Eco-Efficiency: Endeavoring to set an example as an eco-efficient and environmentally-minded company. In our view, economic efficiency results in ecological efficiency, which involves taking advantage of every opportunity to enhance the relationship between the value created and the resources used.