Social Intervention

Social intervention programs provide utilities with information about illegal connections, and give them the forum to meet the local population and discuss water services and water quality.

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Without Water,Life Would Be Colourless
Water is essential to life, without water life on earth would not exist. Water makes up a major part of our bodies which are made up of cells. Water forms between 70 and 95% of the mass of the cell.
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The International Year of the Frog the Potato and Sanitation
What does a frog, a potato and sanitation have in common you might ask, well nothing other than the fact that they have all been honoured with recognition for 2008.
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Respect- The Conerstone of Sustainable Water Service Delivery
South Africa has one of the most advanced constitutions in the world which stipulates rights to resources, free expression and dignity.
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Public Participation in Water Demand Management
In the past few years Water Demand Management has created great waves within the water industry, the concept centered on the necessity for the country to use more efficiently and sustainably the currently available water resources.
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Public Participation in Water Conservation
Public participation is a challenge that can help align the economic, social and environmental needs of the country. It bridges the gap between the governed and those who govern.
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Is Attitude More Powerful than the Stone
Various major incidences have happened in our country recently ranging from power cuts to trains being set alight stemming from pure consumer frustration with poor service delivery or the complete lack thereof.
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Give Me Back, My Little Brass Tap
If you wake up in the morning without water, the chances are good that you have been the victim to the theft of your water meter. The police believe this is the handiwork of a syndicate selling copper and brass to scrap metal dealers.
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