MIYA Bahamas Donates to Abaco’s Dorian Rebuild and the Grand Bahamas’ Children’s Home

27 Sep 2019

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As the national effort to rebuild and restore the islands impacted by Hurricane Dorian, MIYA Bahamas, - on Thursday, September 19, the company represented by Miya Bahamas Project Manager, Mario Tavera, made a donation of 15 thousand dollars to NEMA to assist, with the donated funds  specifically earmarked to help rebuild and refurbish the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant in Marsh Harbour, Abaco which was decimated by the major storm. As the work continues, Miya Bahamas is standing by to lend not only its financial strength but also its industry expertise to the effort.” 

"Firstly, on behalf of Miya Bahamas, the board of Directors and our parent company Bridgepoint, I would like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters of the islands affected. This storm was really unlike anything we had ever seen, and worse than anything we could have expected” explained Tavera. "We know that the recovery of both islands is going to require all hands on deck, which is why we are open to provide assistance particularly to the efforts of providing clean, safe, potable water for the impacted residents.” 

Over the past six years, Miya Bahamas has worked alongside the Water and Sewerage Corporation to improve water efficiency, throughout New Providence. Through a targeted strategy that included the replacement of faulty service connections, the deployment, and installation of cutting edge equipment, the disconnection of illegal and dormant customers and the introduction of a comprehensive maintenance plan, the company has not only successfully reduced water inefficiency but improved overall water quality as well. 

The company’s willingness to assist with hurricane relief efforts also extended to Grand Bahama Island as well, where Miya Bahamas made a substantial donation to the Grand Bahama Children’s Home. 

"When making the decision to participate in post-Dorian relief efforts we wanted to choose projects which we felt would have the most impact and need,” said Miya Bahamas Office Administrator Andrea Forbes. "We were disheartened to hear about the 32 children who were displaced and now have no home to live in,” she said. "It is our hope that these funds facilitate the rebuild of the 3 main homes that were destroyed. We encourage others to lend a hand to the home as well.”

Miya Bahamas, which was taken over by the private equity group Bridgepoint and is in the second phase of its IDB contract with WSC, has been extremely proud of its work in The Bahamas. "We often use WSC as an example of the work we are capable of,” said Tavera. "Our company has been proud to work with and train many Bahamians here in Nassau.  Our hearts go out to those affected by this massive storm, and our home country prays for restoration and revitalization of these islands.”