MIYA Distinguished with 23 Quality Seals for Water Services in Portugal

18 Nov 2021

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23 Seals of Quality of Water Services make MIYA the Portuguese water company with the highest number of distinctions awarded by the Regulatory Authority of Water and Waste Services in 2020 and 2021. The seals were granted to the managing entities for outstanding performance in the services provided to consumers.

Each year, the entity that regulates the water sector recognises companies that have excelled in the quality of water supply for human consumption and urban wastewater sanitation. After the shutdown brought on by the pandemic, the Regulatory Authority for Water and Waste Services (ERSAR in Portuguese) released the Quality Seals for 2020 and 2021, with INDAQUA taking the lead in both.

In 2019 - the last edition held - ERSAR had already awarded seven distinctions to INDAQUA, which guarantees water and sanitation for more than 600,000 people. On this occasion a total of 23 awards were granted, spread out over the two years and for all the municipal concessions held by the Company, which are now eligible for the Excellence in Service Awards, which recognise the best entity in each of the categories.
Regarding the year 2020, thirteen Quality Seals were awarded to the (at that time) six INDAQUA concessions, in the categories of "Quality of Public Water Supply Service", "Exemplary Quality of Water for Human Consumption" and "Quality for Water Efficiency". INDAQUA Fafe received one distinction, while INDAQUA Feira and INDAQUA Matosinhos received three. The Santo Tirso/Trofa, Oliveira de Azeméis and Vila do Conde concessions were awarded two seals. 

In 2021, INDAQUA has received ten Quality Seals, distributed across five concessions. The Company was distinguished in the categories of "Quality of Public Water Supply Service", "Exemplary Quality of Water for Human Consumption" and "Quality of the Urban Wastewater Sanitation Service". Three seals were attributed to INDAQUA Matosinhos, two seals to the concessions of Fafe, Santa Maria da Feira and Oliveira de Azeméis, together with one seal for INDAQUA Vila do Conde.

Pedro Perdigão, CEO of INDAQUA declares "the distinctions achieved by INDAQUA's concessions highlight the performance of the Group in the execution of their functions with the consumers". "It is with great honour that INDAQUA receives the ERSAR Quality Seals, being recognised as an entity providing services of excellence, as well as for efficient water resources management. Distinguishing and encouraging excellence is also of great importance for the sector as a whole, as it is a guarantee that we will continue the path taken towards the continuous improvement of the quality of these services", adds Pedro Perdigão. 

The "ERSAR Quality Seals" are a recognition to reward the entities that comply with the strict criteria for water evaluation, from quality to the efficient use of water, public supply and sanitation categories where INDAQUA has been distinguished several times.