MIYA Donates Water Stations to McGrath High School In Recognition of Water Conservation Efforts

01 Apr

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McGrath High School received a special handover from MIYA and the National Water Commission (NWC) Jamaica in recognition of their outstanding achievement as the 1st place winners in the NWC/Miya Water Conservation Video Challenge held recently. The event, which took place at McGrath High School, marked a significant milestone in promoting water conservation efforts among Jamaica's youth.

The handover event included the installation of two water stations at McGrath High School, generously provided by MIYA and NWC Jamaica. These stations are strategically placed near the lunch area and along one of the school's main corridors, ensuring easy access for students. 

Ms. Aretha Bingham, Lower School Vice Principal of McGrath High School, expressed her gratitude:
"The installation of these water stations is a significant step forward for McGrath High School, especially considering our ongoing water issues. It reinforces our commitment to teaching and enforcing water conservation practices within our school community.”

McGrath High School emerged as the top winner in the NWC/MIYA Conservation Video Challenge, hosted on the popular social media platform, TikTok. Their winning entry, along with those of other participants, garnered over 36,000 views on the platform, underscoring the significant impact of their message.

Katherine Paleracio, Project Manager, MIYA said:
"We are thrilled to see McGrath High School's dedication to water conservation and are proud to support their efforts with these water stations. By actively engaging in initiatives like the NWC/MIYA Conservation Video Challenge, McGrath High School is setting an example for other schools and communities across Jamaica."

The NWC/MIYA Video Challenge, a collaborative initiative between MIYA Water Jamaica, NWC, and the Ministry of Education and Youth, targets students eight to 16 years and encourages them to creatively showcase their knowledge of water conservation using a 60-seconds video demonstrating their ideas in the form of a song, poem, dub, or skit for a chance to win tablets, water stations, water tanks and a laptop.