MIYA Joins Forces With The United Nations Theme Water for Peace in Celebration of the World Water Day

22 Mar

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Today, 22nd of March, we are delighted to celebrate once again the World Water Day.

This year's World Water Day theme, "Water for Peace," highlights the importance of access to clean water as a fundamental human right and a crucial factor in promoting peace and cooperation worldwide. MIYA's dedication to water conservation directly contributes to achieving this goal, fostering harmony and sustainability across communities.

Since the inception of the company, MIYA has been committing to ensuring a constant and safe supply of drinking water for everyone as our track record proves.

We have achieved several milestones in the last 17 years, such as:
  • Largest Performance-Based NRW project in the world in Manila, Philippines, where we have helped to provide access to a reliable water source for more than 2 million inhabitants and where water loses have been cut by 60%.
  • First Co-Management project in the water industry carried out in Kingston, Jamaica, where we helped to provide water 24/7 as well as cutting water loses by 50%. 
  • Performance-based approach.
  • Local Employees. Over 98% of our employees are local. We show our commitment with our partners and stakeholders. 
  • Long-term commitment. Our commitment with Co-management assures the long-term viability of all our projects.

According to The United Nations, 2.2 billion people still live without access to safely managed drinking water, including 115 million people who drink surface water. More than 350 million liters of water per day are lost worldwide. If resources were handled more efficiently, there would be enough water to provide 2 billion people with drinking water. MIYA has saved enough water to fill 617,210 Olympic-sized swimming pools allowing 365 days of water provided to over 42 million people.

Access to drinking water contributes to peace. 

As part of its commitment to World Water Day 2024, MIYA will engage in various initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of Water for Peace. These initiatives include:
  • Bahamas: on this day, several MIYA representatives will go to schools to highlight the importance of water and how to look after it 

  • Jamaica: we are about to launch for the second time the Tik Tok Challenge where children create their own videos and songs and again will demonstrate their creative skills on how to care for water. 

  • Brazil: On the World Water Day, our Brazilian engineering division, BBL Engineria, launches its new website.

MIYA has proven itself to be the water leader in the execution of efficiency projects. Over the life of the projects we have been involved in, Non-Revenue Water has been reduced by around 50%, with savings of 1,500 m3 millions of water, and avoiding the production of more than 850,000 s of CO2.

This World Water Day, MIYA invites everyone to join the cause and stand up for water, peace, and prosperity. The company is encouraging businesses, communities, and individuals to understand and promote the importance of water efficiency, and the role it plays in fostering peace and stability.