MIYA & National Water Commission of Jamaica Water Conservation Challange Winners Amass Over 36,000 Views On TIKTOK

19 Feb

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The MIYA / NWC Tik Tok Challenge Award Ceremony, held at the Power of Faith Ministries Multi-Purpose Complex last December, not only acknowledged the exceptional efforts of the highly successful Non-Revenue Water program but also spotlighted the winners of the Water Conservation Video Challenge.

The Water Conservation Video Challenge, a collaborative initiative by MIYA Water Jamaica and the NWC in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Youth, aimed to enhance water conservation awareness among the youth through creative engagement on the TikTok platform. Several schools from across the island responded to the call under the United Nation theme "Be the Change you want to see in the world," demonstrating their commitment to actively preserving water resources in their homes, schools, and communities.

The overwhelming response to the Water Conservation Video Challenge was marked by a total of 29 entries, which collectively garnered an impressive 36,278 views across all videos. Recognized for their exceptional creativity and impact, the winners emerged as follows: Magrath High School claimed the coveted title of Group Winner, amassing a remarkable 7,658 views. In the individual category, Mandeville Primary School secured both 1st and 2nd place with 1,392 and 1,254 views, respectively, while Snowdon Primary and Infant School secured the 3rd place spot with an impactful 1,089 views. These results stand as a testament to the participants' dedication and ingenuity in fostering awareness about water conservation through their compelling videos.

Alvaro Ramalho, MIYA Country Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative:
"We are thrilled to witness the creativity and passion displayed by these students in promoting water conservation. Their videos not only entertain but also educate, reinforcing the importance of sustainable water practices in our communities."

About the Portmore Non-Revenue Water Reduction Programme
In March 2021, the collaborative partnership between the National Water Commission (NWC) and MIYA, an international water efficiency company, launched a five-year program to enhance Portmore's water distribution network. In under three years, non-revenue water (NRW) in Portmore witnessed a significant drop, decreasing from an initial Water Losses of 26,000 m3/day (60%) to an current average of 13,500 m3/day— representing a 50% reduction in NRW and a total savings of 12,500 m3/day (2.75 million gallons per day). This remarkable reduction allowed NWC to redirect 2.75 million gallons of water to neighbouring cities, namely KSA and Spanish Town, while upholding service levels in Portmore. Financed by the Government of Jamaica through the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, this US$13 million initiative marks a substantial step towards optimizing water distribution efficiency in the region.