MIYA Receives Certification as a Leader in Customer Service in Portugal

21 Jul 2021

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The quality of customer service and also the compliance with guidelines of the Directorate General of Health for COVID-19 awarded MIYA, through its Portuguese subsidiary INDAQUA, the LCS certification - Leader in Customer Service - Safe & Care. INDAQUA's in-person and telephone service also showed more than 90% of customers satisfied, according to a survey promoted by the subsidiary.

Managed in Portugal by the Portuguese Institute for Customer Relations, the international program LCS - Leader in Customer Service - makes an exhaustive evaluation of all aspects of the direct relation of a company with its clients. INDAQUA fulfilled the certification process that proved the quality of its in-person user service, as well as by telephone and email.

Regarding the Consumer Defense Regulation, LCS certification, through mistery clients, evaluated the presentation of the office and the employees, in the in-person service. With regard to telephone contact, parameters such as the relation, language or the transference and closing of the call were examined, while responses by email were evaluated by the waiting time, personalisation, structure, language and contents. To maintain the reknowned rigor, LCS has also taken into account, in a pandemic context, compliance with the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health for the prevention of COVID-19, which also drew a positive opinion in the certification of INDAQUA as "Safe & Care".

"INDAQUA has endeavored to be increasingly closer to its customers, both with a more qualitative in-person, telephone and digital service, as well as through the strengthening of communication and contact platforms. Examples of this are the renovation of our website - now more informative - and our invoice, which has become simpler and clearer. What we seek is to make our service and operation more transparent and worthy of our customers' trust. It is with great enthusiasm that we see this mission distinguished by LCS", says Luís Lourenço, Head of Communications at INDAQUA.

INDAQUA's customers also recognised the company for the quality of its customer service. In a survey promoted by the operator between March and April 2020, in-person service was one of the most valued factors, with a satisfaction level of 92%, 12% higher than in the previous survey (2019). Telephone service showed 91% customer satisfaction (+13%), the same figure as those  pleased with the capacity to resolve issues. The renewal of the website (www.indaqua.pt) and the invoice had also had a positive impact on the 1,546 interviewed: 89% (+12%) were satisfied with the website, 81% (+8%) with the clarity of the invoice and 84% (+10%) with its level of detail.

The survey carried out in all territories where INDAQUA is responsible for managing water supply and/or wastewater sanitation networks (Fafe, Matosinhos, Oliveira de Azeméis, Santa Maria da Feira, Santo Tirso, Trofa and Vila do Conde), showed an overall level of satisfaction with the company's service of 93.4% (14% higher than 2019), with water quality as the main factor influencing customers´ satisfaction (96%).