Bahamas: Water and Sewerage Corporation

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Client: Water and Sewerage Corporation

Location: New Providence, Bahamas

Population: 250,000 residents

Contract: 10 years + 4 years (2012-2026)

In 2012, Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) and MIYA signed a ten-year $83-million contract to reduce water losses in New Providence by over 37 million m3 in the contract period, marking the utility's commitment to a comprehensive long-term solution to maximizing the efficiency of its water delivery systems and reducing the amount of NRW.

So far, we have been able to reduce NRW from from 60% to 17% (2021), allowing billed consumption to increase by almost 50 percent in the same period. 24/7 service for customers and significant reductions in energy expenditure. 

In 2022, the WSC and MIYA signed an agreement to extend the contract for 4.5 years.  This new contract extension reflects the good relationship with the WSC and encourages us to continue to improve the results for the benefit of the citizens of Nassau.

MIYA Bahamas and WSC executives have outlined goals for the initiative which are performance based and include ensuring residents continue to have access to a safer, cleaner, and more reliable water supply

The project received the WEX 2022 award for Innovation in Financial Partnership.